martes, diciembre 07, 2010

Life goes on the same stupid way

Everything is more or less the same.
Yesterday we went back to school, though roads ans streets are still full of snow and ice. Back to normal.
Thing is, is taking 2 weeks now for me to get a proper desk for my bedroom. C'mon, I'm not asking for the moon, how can it take so bloddy long? I've been following the caretaker for 2 days in a row and he keeps on telling me: Yes yes, we will manage to get you something, just let me thinks about it. For God's sake, is not that you have to build it yourself, you just have to take it out of the damn garage into the house!
Can't believe people is so procrastinating, lazy and rude. False politeness. A bit of sincerity, please.
(And don't make me talk about the leaks...)

This kind of delayed stuff really makes me mad.

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  1. jolin que asquerosos! ¬¬
    aais no queda casi para que vengas!!
    el dia 27 estas? hay quedada navideña lolitil!! espero poder verte!! ^^