martes, febrero 15, 2011

Happy Non-Valentine's

No, I'm not going to post an entry about Valentine's. It would be very stupid, 'cos those who are single we don't like it. Specially when you get youy mum on the phone saying: "So, many cards and presents today, dear?" and you answer: "No, mum, nobody likes me".


Anyway, last Saturday I met for the first time Delight Circle girls in London! Delight-full Day! ©
I truly wanted to write a long and funny entry for all we did, full of pictures and glamour,but the truth is I'm a bit down today because of a conversation I had yesterday (and some stuff I've been thinking about), and I don't feel like anymore.
I can foresee that next weeks (months?) are going to be tough on me.

2 comentarios:

  1. No no noooo!! anímate preciosa!
    He visto tus fotos de ese día y son super ways! ibas super mona!ya lo contaras detenidamente!


  2. es peor tener a alguien y q no te diga nada..