sábado, febrero 05, 2011

Random entry, really

Sorry to my reader/s (if I really have any, thing I deeply doubt cause I'm not interesting at all) for being out for so long. To catch up I come with a very random post about everything. Have fun.


Stupid as it seems, it has taken me ages to find some glue to my lashes, maybe because I wasn't looking in the correct places ·____·U Anyway, I tried eylure Lashfix last week, and I have to say I find it quite nice! 

There you can see how it looks the outside and the bottle irself. And I just discovered how easy can it be to put lashes on when you have GOOD glue to stick them (normally it takes me ages, and this time it was one minute).


What else? Oh, yes. Maybe you remember I was trying restlessly to lighten my hair with no results. I didn't even post it, but after my first fail I tried again with light ash blonde, but only my roots noticed any difference.

Sad 3-colored roots ;___;

On my last try, I went for prelighten it a bit and then apply a lighter color. I wanted light golden brown, but my hair just doesn't want to leave red so far, so I chose another soft auburn insted. By now, I'm just on step 1, so my hair is just light bleached and....

Voilá! I'm ginger!

Actually I just did my upper layers, so there's a "nice" yellow-orange-red gradient. Tomorrow I'm finishing it, but I already started to like it this way, lololol

The other day I was surfing on Wikipedia when I found this very interesting article about the chocolate bar Baby Ruth (for I'm called Ruth I found it interesting). And today I went to Lakeside with a fellow from work and I found myself!

Ruthie and Baby Ruth
So excited..!

 And finally, I did some shopping in Lakeside. I got some leggings from Punkyfish (just too lazy to try them on today) and this lovely rings from Claire's.

That's it for today, thanks for reading!


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  1. a le, mas pestañas¿?

    que quiereS? xD ser mas irresistible¿¿¿ maldita!

    babyruth!! q guay oye, estaba rica?