domingo, noviembre 21, 2010

Blog change + impatient

As you can see, I've changed a bit the layout. I feel a bit darker-wilder now, I'm not for the dotted pink anymore.

Anyway, yesterday I went to Cambridge (luv). I think I could definitely live there. The city is just amazingly beautiful. It's so old you feel in one of those ancient tales you've heard of several times. And there's kind of an..."atmosphere", a "different look", up there. I really like that. And there's also something else; I've never met so many people my age since I'm in the UK. I'm actually missing to interact with more people with same interests than me, and true, my flate mates and the girls in town are nice, but I still miss to have someone to chat about doramas, K-music or fashion (yeah, I have the Internet, BUT).
Whatever, I'm not moving there anyway, so.

That will be my room there, thanks. Think it was behind Queen's College, but not sure.

Other issues: I'm looking so very forward for this weekend to come! Great plans coming: think on Friday we will go watch new Harry Potter movie, the Deathly Hallows uuuh~~ Really want to watch it here, feels like. AND on Saturday my friend Koi will come to spend the day out in London (woo woo), and we want (ok, lying, I WANT and he's not allowed to complain about) to go visit Camden. I've been said so many times that that is MY place to go that I can't wait to be there.
Ahh...please weekend, come before this week.

And I also have my prom Christmas dinner with my older students, so I think it'll be nice. It's free, so G-O-O-D.


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  1. uuuh oscura y salvaje!!
    que sepas que he usado el traducctor google!xDD
    Respecto a lo de cambridge tiene que ser precioso! el otro dia hablaba con un amigo de que molaria un monton vivir en el pueblo de las chicas guilmore!! xDDD (vale a lo mejor piensas y que tiene que ver? me da lo mismo! yo le veo relación xDD)

    Aiiis que way que puedas ir a candem!!

    y lo de la cena!! encima gratis!! ^^

    oye y no puedes buscar foros ingleses en los que hablen de cosas que te gusten y conocer gente con la que luego puedas quedar? que no sean locos porfa! xDD

    Muchos besitooos