lunes, noviembre 15, 2010


Lately, I've been really interested in Gyaru trends in hair specially. I love all the care they put in their hair-dos and styling, feels like something very sofisticated, even when they go just for the casual style. One trend that's been here and there it's been the two-tone hair, and I've seen that it not only sticks to Gyaru but to Lolita too for exemple.

 The reason I'm talking 'bout that, it's because I have to get my hair dyed this week and after talking with my sis, both of us are considering something like this :3
[For lots of info and images visit Mitsu's hair colour post, where I took the info from]

First I saw it in EGG model Kanako.
I really like the way those two colours match. She lately quited that style up but kept on two-tone through extes. 
Some gals really rock it trying crazy colours, like this girl (but I'm DEFINITELY not so brave lol):

This year (? not sure) also appeared a new trend: two-tone in  horizontal gradation:

And I find it cool two (and if you wear extes is lots easier to get without actually damaging your hair), but you have to be very careful how you do this; otherwise, it will only look like ypu haven't done your roots for ages (and that's not~ cool at all). I'm considering WHAT in the world to do. I can always try with extes and see how it works on me before go bleaching or something like that, but anyway I'm not sure about which colours I should mix. I would like to dye my hair like auburn, maybe cinnamon, so which colour would you add to it? Dark brown? Black? Red blonde? (brrr, blonde, I can't see me in blonde lol) :S


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  1. Te vas a hacer eso? que chachiii yo creo que en rojo mola!da igual hacia que lado xD, joo que haces las entradas en ingléss para que no me entere de la mitad? xD