martes, noviembre 09, 2010

Dull, boring!

Back here (weeuhhh, long time). Nothing interesting to talk about really, nothing happened. Just that I've been thinking a bit.
As I said in previous entries, I've been thinking lately about fashion and its paper in my life. I can NOT denny I express myself through my clothing. But in here, as I'm working as a teacher in a (ok, not too much, but enough) strict school, I hardly can choose what to wear (always in a range of ofice clothing).
RESULT: I get bored every second day, I feel really miserble and sad because I just can express boredom through my everyday clothing. And normally after school is already too dark to go nowhere, so I just go back home, put on a boring tracksuit and stay around my bedroom. Eeewww--sh*t.
I wanted to put this black and white (bit-bit-bit) because I don't want to be doing that again. I've been taking a look at some stuff to buy (nothing really expensive but fancy enough) to cheer me up and put some bits of colour in my day-off outfits.
Also I want to try to come back to Lolita/Gyaru, because I really gets lots of inspiration from those fashion styles, but I haven't been caring about that stuff much lately, and now I'm regreting it.

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