miércoles, diciembre 01, 2010

Snow on you!

Snowing! ALOOOOOT. It's been snowing really hard since yesterday night and it's still like that, there are more than 15cm od snow by now and increasing. For that reason, school today was closed, and we had the day off, which was really nice, because we made a Snowman, we wandered around, I was snowed over for my first time!
It's really fun, I enjoy the snow, though I think I don't have the best clothing for that; my coat is too heavy and so tight I can barely move, so after walking fr a while I ended up very tired. I will get another one when I'm home.
Anyway, I will miss HP 7 again, cause there's no bus running with this weather and we were planning to go tomorrow. Too bad, I want to watch it!!
Stand by for new info.


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