sábado, enero 15, 2011

Hair failures

I tried some new hair product:

I tried to lighten my hair 'cause I needed a change :S (does it never happen to you than it comes a moment when you need to change things in your life? It's mine). As you can see, it's especially for dark hair. Well, let's see.

[Hair lighteners for eyebrows (finally I didn't use it ~too lazy)]

How will I look in 30 minutes?

And I finally look...

...exactly the same.
No difference at all. Well, actually depending on the lighting my roots look a bit gingerish =_= Nothing else.

2 comentarios:

  1. alaaa como puede ser eso?? ya les vale!! yo la semana pasada me puse un rubio dorado y sabia q no me iba a qedar rubio pero si se me ha aclarado >_< y es marca deliplus!

  2. jolin, estas igual o,o

    seguro que lo mezclaste bien.. ?