sábado, enero 15, 2011

London Shopping Spree

I told my bf I would be taking pictures of everything so I could share them with her and make her feel like she has been there wuth me. I found it really funny, and actually, since I was thinking a lot about her and taking pictures about stuff we talked about, it was quite like being with her <3

Just arrived to the station and....

:( Yes, thanks for reminding me there's just a month 'til Valentine's Day and I will be spendng it alone u_u Need some love!
So, my day started like this. I got my ticket to London (prices higher :S) and off we go!! 

London Travel Card: return train and all the tube you can get!

Me on the train (my lovely mp4 player who
doesn't want to work anymore)

Nails for the day; a bit of leopard fury~~
It was quite a long way 'til Oxford Street, but...it was all worth it! PRIMARK was as crazy as it always is, but I found some very, very nice stuff there.

I tried a few things (a LOT, don't you lie), but I just kept half of it. Fitting rooms, such a lo~ng queue...!

< This is what I was wearing and > is something I tried and didn't keep :(

Anyway, I kept on going from one shop to another. I was getting really hungry, but there wasn't a restaurant around, so I just poped in the first place I could. It was...

...SUBWAY. Quite nice, I helped a very lovely-looking Asian couple

On my way I took a look at Selfridges windows, as cool as usual.
Then I started my quest to find a new mp4 player. It was hard 'cause the one I already have has a major screen, so anything smaller seems quite ridiculous, but anything bigger or same size is bloody expensive. I've been considering getting an iPod Touch, but it's really lots of money and I shouldn't spend that much in something like that. Some seller told me about a shop at the end of the street with nice cheap stuff...that I couldn't find. But I found lots of Korean restaurants.

And a Spanish Bar!!
Not really very Spanish looking, though
Then a rapper stopped me in the middle of the street to sell me his CD. I bought because it was raining really heavily and the guy was nice. Just 2 pounds. I think he was flirting with me, 'cos he said something about "some other day" and "a drink". Let's check first how the sound.

Then I got on the tube again. So crowded I almost fainted in.
It was MUCH more horrible than it looks
Then way back home. So very tired. I need a rest...
But first, let's see what I bought (actually, I need to remember it myself u_uU).


Militar gray shirt, pajamas <3

Military style cap in green

Lovely baggy checkered pants

Aviator jacket (sooo cheap <3)

Corset <3 <3

Some bronzer and brush

Antique style tights (really looking for them)

Nerd glasses (have kind of a weakness for that lately)


CL style sun glasses (GO, GO, 2NE1! )


Lady Gaga shopping bag and eyeshadows


Silver earrings

Here comes the Spanish shopper pride:

Ruffle skirt in cream (I saw it and could'nt find it in Spain)
and leopard tights, all from KIDS

Red flat cap

And well, this is it. Was quite a lot, actually...Don't want to think how in the world I am going to take this all back to Spain.

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  1. waaa me encanta el subway!! cuando pusieron uno aqui siempre me pedia uno con un monton d cosas y salsa d cebolla dulce! xD
    Como mola el corseee *_*.
    uuuh uuuh y le diste tu numero al rapero?? xD

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    Btw: Your first pic is so cute! and the outfits are great!