jueves, enero 06, 2011


Despite the title, no, I haven't been shopping lately. Sales haven't started officially for me (explanation later), but I've already been thinking about some stuff I would like to be looking for if I go shopping some other day.

First: MUST HAVE of the season
Leopard fur coat

Actually, I've been looking for a coat like that (or I must say for a jacket like that) for several years now and, though I have a fur coat in black that I absolutely love, if  I could finally have this, I would be very glad.

Second: something I've always wanted, but more desperately since I've been seing them in several doramas

Red coat <3
(doesn't have to be exactely this one)

It's a very basic essential piece of clothing every girls should have. I like the way they completely dress you, doesn't matter whats beneath, just the coat makes you look so gorgeous...

Apart from that, I'm always looking for a nice pair of slim fit ripped jeans that REALLY fit me (quite hard), and severals things more I wouldn't say "no" to.

Now the reason I haven't been like crazy to any shopping mal or similar yet.
Since I came back I have a horrible cold. I don't know why I cought it so very hard, but I've been in bed for 3 days already. I'm sick and tired of not being able to go out, but I know I have to get much better because outside it's very cold and I'm very weak now.
Besides I'm feeling very down. Not lying, I wasn't very excited to come back. On my arrival I had lots of trouble, then I got ill, thus I miss any possible travel this weekend. I also realized I'm quite alone. People that used to be my best support are not there for me now anymore (for several reasons) and, though some other people is back to my life and I'm happy for that, I can help but feeling that hole.Guess this is not my best week.

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  1. jooo mejorate, espero que puedas ir pronto de rebajas y te compres un monton de cosas!
    Si necesitas hablar casi siempre estoy en el mesenger xD

    Besitos y anímate! ^^