lunes, diciembre 12, 2011

Por una cabeza

So here's the thing. Today, again I'm trying to get this kind of hairstyle:

 But because I don't wanna get my hair anymore damaged by hairstylers than needed, I'm trying a tutorial for getting this without. Basically, it considers on brading your whole hair and then tease the hell out of it. So at the moment, I definitely look like this:
Anyway, let's see what happens tomorrow. I'll appreciate this time nothing inside my body decides to get swollen and hurt like hell since last time I tried this, I got appendicitis overnight and I turned up like that above at the hospital =_= It was horrible to be looking this weird for two days until they let me have a shower and...well....whatever. 

As for my life, I just rediscovered that people are idiots. Yeah, I had eventually forgotten it, since last time I worked in customer help, but man can people annoy me....I just forgot I DON'T like people, like, AT ALL. 

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