jueves, marzo 15, 2012

BBC Day 10: Hey, model!

I am supposed to be modeling in a parade tomorrow night, so I'll probably won't be able to write tomorrow. And I'm not quite sure I would on Saturday, because I have to work. I'll explain.
Since I happen to have some friends in fashion, and therefore I've had the opportunity to get in touch with fashion from different perspectives; I've seen fashion shows, but also participate in them (as a model on the catwalk and also helping in the backstage). I've also been in photoshoots.

Here you have some pictures of me modeling:

I am a poddle! waf waf
And tomorrow night I'll be in another fashion show, this time in a pub or the like and modeling a very different style, something more punk/industrial. I'm really curious about it, let's see how I'll like like this time. 
And apparently on Saturday I'll be giving a hand on a play with the costumes and stuff, basically I have to be there in case anyone needs a las minute patch or something. I have to go with the dressmaker to the theatre tomorrow, to see how everything woks. So nervous!!

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  1. Que guapa! :3
    ME gusta mucho mucho la 2ª y 3ª fotos, pero mucho la segunda : D