martes, marzo 20, 2012

BBC Day 11: My record crashed! D:

And as I write this I'm listening to this song in a loop~~ Wow, fantastic, Baby! 

Once again I had to neglect the blog, but because I have been working, this time. 
As I explained, last Friday I was in a fashion show with some friends. InTorzo is the name of the brand we were modeling and here you can find the pieces included in the collection featured.
Here you have two pics of me dressed and made up: 
I couldn't help to make this weeboo face, sorry, but the make up was really made for it

This was all of us at the backstage
 Then on Saturday I worked as a customier for this play at the local theatre. It was so hectic...! I started at 3pm and rushed non-stop til almost 2am. I had to mend almost everything, dress the main actress and then gather together the customes, that were scattered all over the theatre (three floors @_@). I was lucky that my best friend came around half past seven to give me a hand.
So basically I was dead tired on Sunday, but I managed to go out for a few hours with my friends, cause the local festivals were going on and stuff, but we did nothing but dinner and play games at a caffe. Yeah, wasted youth of us. 
And I was supposed to go out yesterday night (it was Valencian Fallas last night) but since I wans't too enthusiastic about meeting certain people, I finally stayed home. And that's it for now. 

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