martes, marzo 13, 2012

BBC Day 8: Hey, I finished a week!

Ha-ha! I managed to get a whole week of entries (more or less, I do know I cheated a bit). And yes, I go back to English for the sake of my practice. I realized I lost loads of practice and fluency since I'm not living in England anymore. I know this make perfect sense, since in here I don't get anyone to talk to in English, but it's still a pity. Anyway.
For those of you (hahaha, I love to write like this, like I really had readers) that don't speak Spanish (may God forgive you, it is a very beautiful language!), yesterday entry was basically about how pissed off I feel about the fact that I don't know what to do with my life. I did Translation and Interpreting at uni and I intended to carry on with my languages education by doing Asian Studies (Korean, Japanese and so on), but it's bloody expensive since you can only study that in big cities and I cannot afford it. And I wanted to do that because I love translating and I wanted to grow my language spectrum cos I love Asian languages, but nowadays I don't even feel like going through all this trouble of hard work and sacrifice when I know I won't be able to practice my profession because no employer appreciates it. "So you can speak languages? Ok. What else?" WHAT ELSE? F*ck off. So I used to have a plan and now I don't have it anymore, and I don't feel like translating, or learning lenguges, or anything. When I think to do it, then I think "What for?" and I lose all inspiration. 
But well, I probabl just need to reajust myself: get some time for myself (ha, you say it like you didn't have all the time you wanted already), some inspiring place, some fresh air and reorganize my life and my possibilities. 
I know it is sort of a pointless entry, but it wasn't much of a good day either. 

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