domingo, marzo 11, 2012

BBD Day 5: Trust no one

I was planning to do an entry about something else, but I sort of changed the topic a little.
I'm so pissed off with people's attitude right now.Nobody cares about anybody but when it comes to being ignored everyone is greatly offended. Bite me.
I came to the conclusion long ago that the best thing you can do is never need anyone to feel happy, get used to do things on yur own, plan your stuff on your own, and be happy like that. I mean, someone gives you a ring, night out, have some fun? Great, but don't take it for granted because next day nobody is gonna give a damn about you (flipping cold fingers).
For this sort of days when I feel so down and angry I keep a bank account with a certain amount of money so I can go to eBay and do some sudden unnecesary buy and feel instantly better. Yes, I'm that Simple.
So I'm making my wish list right now.
Tomorrow I promise a more interesting entry.

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