sábado, marzo 10, 2012

BBC Day 4: It's Caturday!!

Sorry I missed writing yesterday, but one could say it was a very bussy day. Today, I'll write two entries instead. I didn't write yesterday because something happened that I meant to write about but I needed more time to analyze it on my own before giving an opinion.

So, since today it´s CATURDAY this entre is going to be a pic spam about my fav animal: (pretty obviously CATS! (I mean, I love bunniez too, but cats are really my thing)


Pic from Zeruda's Blog, it's a Norwegian  Forest cat I think...Don't you totally LOVE it?? <3

 This is Fuyu, a cat I took care of for two weeks. So damn crazy she was @_@

And my lovely little (and not so little) Mau, it was my cat for 14 years and will always be part of my family (though you cannot really see it that much...crappy photo is crappy) 

And because I said I love bunnies too....


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