viernes, febrero 03, 2012

Se abre la veda

So. I finally come to the conclusion that I'm more than sick and tired of trying to sort things out with people that are anything but cooperating.
You know what? I've tried, I've really tried to talk to you. Since you hate me and you don't even want to see me, I've let you know I intended to talk to you and explain you what happen, so you can realize that I never did anything to hurt you, that I was a victim so like you. What was your answer? Rudeness and snubs. EXCUSE ME?
Now it's when I say FUCK YOU. You didn't even deserve my "apologies" for the missunderstanding, but since I'm SUCH A NICE PERSON (YOU CAN'T EVEN IMAGINE, CAUSE YOU ARE ROTTEN INSIDE) I tried for the sake of our common friends to make up. But oooh, not anymore. You want to hate me? Now I'll give you true reasons to do so. I told you before, I can be mean, I had all the weapons to hurt you, but I didn't want to. Now I just couldn't care any less if you are hurt or feel humilliated. Don't take me wrong, I won't be the one starting a war, but if you do I'll respond. I won't move back, I won't allow you to make me look like a regretful loser anymore.
Here starts the game.

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