martes, marzo 06, 2012

BB 30 Days Challenge

YES, yes, I know, nothing I'd say would make less true the fact that I totally neglected my blog once again. So to my causal and unnoticed reader, sorry once again. 
I know that if I say that I'll be more into it in the future, you would answer C'mon, you always say the same but never do it!, and you might be right, but the thing is I read a very interesting blog recently about getting stucked in you life and feeling like you are going nowhere -specially when you are looking for job in this crappy recesion of ours- and so, and the blog writer was giving some tips on how to get out of that frustration. In sum, one of those things to do was writing a daily blog. So DAILY. Like EVERY DAY. For a month (well, she said for a year, but let's keep it a bit realistic. I'll try a month and if I succeed, then we will see). Yes, I know, pretty hard, it's I really have so much to say?
But I think I do, actually, so I'd really like to get more involved into my blog, make interesting entries and that.
So starting today here it comes my 30 Days Challenge for a Better Blog (yes, it's a plain name, but I went jogging and now I'm all drained out).

For today, I'll just share with you a bit of me. Did I ever mention I like to draw? Well I do. Here are some of my paintings. Not very recent, though.


I love to draw pretty ladies. 

And graffity like skulls. 

And this is actually what I got tattoed on my left arm. 

 I hope you liked them.

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  1. yo también hace mil que no actualizo xD

    aais como molan tus dibus, tendrías que haber puesto la chupa también ^^