miércoles, marzo 07, 2012

Best Blog Challenge (aka BBC lol) Day 2: Because I'm Stupid

Why do I keep on doing silly things?!?!?!
Today I decided to give another chance to a hair removal cream (raspberry fragance <3) on my upper lip and THEN I remembered why I stopped using it; now I look like a fuckin' ape, my mouth is all sore and swollen =_= I keep on applying aloe and cream but heeeeeeell it looks awful DDDDD:

(I'm sure you didn't think I'll update again today : D)

So today I spent the day researching (really) about how to get my hair. I want to try something pretty much different and though I have a few ideas, I believe that is better to have a picture of it to rely on when you go to the hairdresser (actually, the hairdresser is gonna do whatever he wants anyway, but if you have a proof of what you wanted you can complaint easily saying: DO YOU REALLY SEE ANYTHING SIMILAR BETWEEN THIS AND ME, JERK, EH, EH?!?!?). The thing is I'm not decided yet. I want to go back to darker hair (chocolate brown) as hard as I want to try some light brown @__@ Fuuu....! I wanted to get some two tone, too, half brown half blonde, but I know I might regret it later. I'm so chicken....
Here is some of my hair inspiration:

I always love her hair, in any colour or shape, she is so gorg *_*

I'm actually really into this sort of look :3
So, any suggestions? In any case I think it's probably easier to try light brown and then go for the two tone since my hair would already be lighter. 

And by the way, today I went for groceries like this: 
I are photo editing master
 Nothing else for today. 
Take care!

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  1. A mi me gusta la segunda foto a lo mejor serian dos tonos muy naturales para mi pero qeda chachi xD.
    tendría que ir ya a le peluquería el otro dia encontré una imagen muy chula pero no se si la volveré a encontrar >_<.
    No me hago fotos por que se me olvida y luego nunca me gustan y me tiro 3 años haciendolas xD