viernes, marzo 09, 2012

BBC Day 3: 名無し

Taku, I almost forgot about the blog today >_<
Actually I was feeling pretty down, no positive or anything at all.
Anyway, I'll write a bit.

Lately I happen to have sort of an obsession with yakuza themed stuff. I don't know why but there is something intriguing, mysterious, and attractive about the rude, violent, dangerous yakuza world. I know it sounds like silly, uninformed western nerd daydreaming romantically about one of the eastern worst problem,, that's actually what it really is. It's funny to fantasize about something that you barely know.
So my 8-9-3 fantasy has come to life again because of this:

For non-japanese speakers, it sais "My Boss My Hero"

This is a life action show, aka dorama, about an absolute stupid Yakuza leader, Sakaki Makio, that has to come back to high school to graduate and that way be able to be the heir of the clan. Pretty silly, I know, but damn it is funny.

Same person, two lifestyles: right, Sakaki yakuza, left Maki student 
Look his werido face, hahaha This is him and a classmates he likes. 

And his favourite meal, purin, I mean,  creme caramel, you say?

I just finished it for the second time...and actually started it once again lol It's soooo funny. 
If you like this sort of topic, there is another dorama, Gokusen, very funny too, about a yakuza clan heir (in this case, a girl) becoming a teacher and getting in charge of a problematic high school class. 
Some other yakuza-like interest I have is ora ora kei, some sort of substyle of gyaru fashion a bit influenced by gyaru-o onii kei. It's looks like this: 

...and you can find some more info about it in Soul Sister magazine. 
Gooood, enough for today!

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  1. como mola la última foto! en plan gyaru yakuza! xD
    en mi mente solo veo las que van al instituto cn la falda más larga y la mascarilla, como la de fruits basket <3